Kill Card Translation: Sakura’s Boyfriend, Hifumi’s Mother, Kyouko’s Grandfather, Bug



Name: Kenichirou

Demon Name: Kenichiroukkusu

Expected Habitat: Around Towa Department Store’s Basement Parking Lot

An ultra-large Demon that wields the secret art of the assassination fist.
Having been called the “strongest above ground” even in the Demon World, it is rumoured that his assassination fist can split the earth.
When one is discovered, gathering your allies rather than hunting it alone is the best plan.
However, because it has a chronic heart disease, it seems it cannot live a long life.
When carrying out a hunt, it is recommended to keep your distance and exhaust it.


Name: Fujiko Yamada

Demon Name: Madafujirusu

Expected Habitat: Around Towa Integrated Book Store

A mangaka Demon who is the author of the masterpiece 4-panel manga “DalaSpa!”.
Before we completely end it’s life, let’s make it draw lots of manga for our private use!
It is recommended to threaten it by constricting it’s neck when coercing it into writing manga.
In order to instill a desire to draw naked male Demons, we should provide it with the corpses of male Demons.


Name: Fuhito Kirigiri

Demon Name: Girihitotein

Expected Habitat: Around Towa Integrated Book Store

A veteran Demon that has tasted the sweetness and sourness of life.
Because it is armed with an organ that emits an offensive smell from behind the ears and scalp, absolute caution is necessary in close quarters.
It’s rumoured that it is one of the founding members of “Sleuth’s Library”, which has roughly 65500 registered detectives…
For the full details, you should read “Danganronpa Kirigiri”.

[They literally plugged the spinoff novel.]


Name: Kameko

Demon Name: Kamekokkusu

Expected Habitat: Unknown

A magical Demon that mimics the shape of a stink bug.
Though it’s combat power is as exceedingly low as it’s owner’s, it has the ability to sense danger and discharge poison gas.
To say it smells bad is an understatement.
It’s odour is so strong that it causes people to convulse loudly.
When hunting it, do not forget to equip masks so as to not receive any damage.

[Based on what is said about the owner and how everyone on the Kill List is related to a DR1 character, I think it can be assumed that this bug is Touko Fukawa’s…]

Kill Cards Translation: Yasuhiro’s Mother, Chihiro’s Father, Byakuya’s Butler, Mondo’s Gang Member



Name: Hiroko Hagakure

Demon Name: Hironozaurusu

Expected Habitat: Unknown

Though it works as a nurse in the surface world, in reality it is a heinous Demon that eats hospitalized patients.
It may or may do naughty things to them until late at night…
Because it harbours a strange attachment to it’s Demon son,
luring it out with it’s likeness and then ganging up in large numbers is recommended.



Name: Taichi Fujisaki

Demon Name: Taichinchin (Wow)

Expected Habitat: Around Towa Tower

A Demon from the brainy faction with smelly chestnut hair.
Though it’s combat strength is lower than average Demons, it compensates with excessively high intelligence.
It is best to avoid places on the map with high amounts of machines and tools when hunting it.
Though it has a stalwart face, it is still a male Demon.
It is recommended to distract it with seductive techniques, then attack while it’s nose is turned up.


Name: Aloysius Pennyworth

Demon Name: Kimoshitsujisu

Expected Habitat: Around the bottom of Towa Bridge’s Overway Structure

A troublesome elderly Demon that acts as the Togami Conglomerate’s butler.
It’s trait is to say “Welcome home, young master” in an eerie voice.
Also, if you make fun of it’s “young master”, “Togami Byakuya”,
It’s offensive power doubles and it gets into a bad mood.
Be very careful when hunting it!


Name: Takemichi Yukimaru

Demon Name: Gontakerusu

Expected Habitat: Around Towa Library

A small Demon that is as inflexible as a superalloy.
It acts as the head of the elite guard in a Demon army known as “Crazy Diamonds” in the Demon World.
Though it doesn’t seem to be interested in female Demons, it may or may not have a fanclub…
Staging a surprise attack when it removes it’s “Special Student Uniform” equipment is recommended.
Smash it’s stubborn and proud inflexibility with your fists!

Kill List Translation: Celestia’s Cat



Name: Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg

Demon Name: Nekonekomaru

Expected Habitat: Around Towa Community Center

Contrary to it’s cute appearance, it’s true form is a large Demon with a muddy, rotten soul.
If you approach it with your guard down, you will be eaten without a second thought.
It is recommended to lure it towards you with it’s favourite item, “Gyoza dish”, then reduce it to ashes with fire-based attacks.
Though it mimics the shape of a cat, it doesn’t care about dry cat food.
Special attention must be paid to the item chosen to lure it out.